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Interactive conversion between different total testosterone units
Testosterone plays an important role in men's health and well-being. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of sexual function, muscle and bone growth, regulation of mood and energy, and also affects fat levels in the body. Normal testosterone levels are necessary for maintaining high energy levels, improving sexual function, preserving muscle mass, and bone density.

Total testosterone - is the total amount of testosterone in the blood, including both bound to proteins and free testosterone. Free testosterone - is a small portion of testosterone that is not bound to proteins.

Testosterone and prostate cancer are closely related. The tumor in most cases is hormone-sensitive, using testosterone as a dope for its growth. Therefore, in the case of this disease, a mandatory condition for treatment is the maximum reduction in testosterone levels.

This converter will allow you to convert between different units of measurement of testosterone levels in the blood, which can be important, for example, when making an evaluative comparison of results obtained in different laboratories.

When you enter data in any of the fields, the values of the remaining fields are calculated automatically.

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b) It is allowed to use both a period and a comma to separate the fractional part of a number

c) "nano"... nanotechnology... nanograms and nanomoles.
nmol - nanomole, a special chemical unit for measuring the amount of a substance. Contains 6.02*1014 individual testosterone molecules.

d) dl - deciliter, 1/10th of a liter or 100 ml